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You must Beware of Driving While Uninsured

Always set money aside for your car insurance premiums. This is one of those payments you can’t afford to miss

Pay your premiums annually or bi-annually. By paying this way, you only have to remember to pay once or twice, as opposed to every month. Additionally, insurance companies usually give discounts to customers who pay yearly.

Have your payments taken automatically. Go with an auto insurance provider who has the option of automated billing.

Penalties for driving without insurance coverage vary from state to state. But no matter where you are, the price can be steep. Here are seven different things that can happen if you are caught driving with no auto insurance.

Your license can be suspended

The vehicle registration could be suspended

The car can be impounded.

If you hurt another person in an accident, you can be sued and are financially responsible.

You will have to pay fees to have your vehicle registration and license reinstated.

You could be required to meet to obtain SR-22 insurance, and it’s expensive!

Your car could be impounded by the police.