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Car Breakdown Cover Policy

The levels of a car breakdown cover

Car breakdown cover providers look to insure their clients against all kinds of unanticipated situations that their car’s breakdown might put them into. This is why they usually have a team of experts on standby, ready for their customers’ rescue at all times. So even if their car has stopped in the middle of the road at 3 a.m. they need not worry – they are covered. Most breakdown insurance firms offer their clients different levels of covers that they can opt for, specifically the bigger names in the industry. These ‘levels’ are the packages that usually have the fancy names like ‘premium’ and ‘premium plus’ etc. As one goes further up these levels, the services available in the car breakdown cover will also rise (along with the prices, of course). The very basic level will probably only offer simple roadside assistance and towing the vehicle to the nearest garage. The next level may also offer ‘recovery’ to the preferred destination of the owner. The highest level in this insurance will include full-fledged European trip coverage along with a national cover option allowing recovery to the native country.

Single person vs. Family

When getting individuals covered against car breakdowns, the firms usually offer either to cater for one person or to protect the entire family. The policy then follows the people under protection instead of the car and it does not matter whose car is being driven. A single person car breakdown cover offer will mean, as its name suggests, that only one individual will be secured. This service is usually much cheaper and easier to get than a family package is. However, it means that anyone traveling with the policy-holder will not be accounted for. A single person offer is usually good for people who live alone. A family package, on the other hand, is usually for four to five people who have the same residential address (on their official documents). It is a safety tool for the entire family. People usually opt for this before taking personal vacations.

Single car vs. Multiple cars

Another choice available to clients of car breakdown cover firms is the option of either getting a single vehicle protection or more than a single car protection. If one gets a single vehicle protected, this will mean that a particular car will get all kinds of assistance that the owner has paid for, regardless of the driver. Again, this kind of insurance is much cheaper. It is suitable for domestic use. Multiple cars breakdown policy simply means that under the contract, more than one (two or more) cars are being insured. Even though one might have to pay much more to obtain this offer, it often has better value for money as the cost of insuring a single car will fall. This is a perfect offer for business owners who travel on a regular basis.